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Hamed Bakayoko - Drug Dealer!!!

L'arbre à palabre où tous les problemes se reglent
Son Excellence
Son Excellence
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Hamed Bakayoko - Drug Dealer!!!

Message par Dko » août 05, 20 3:11 pm

We have said this since 2010. The entire conglomerate under allassane dramane ouattara is a big drug cesspool.
This latest announcement by allasane dramane ouattara is the setup he has been discussing to have hamed bakayoko take the fall for the drug ring he helped finance and get off the ground back then.
For those who don't have their ears to the fly on the wall, you should get familiar.
We said it here when he made the deal back in 2012 to sell soro. Many thought it was a joke.

The latest deal involves hambak. allassane dramane ouattara mode of operand. Juice you up to set you up to take the fall. hambak will of course be weary and ask dominique who is sure to juice him up to to save her hide.

What kind of defense will amed bakayoko have? To say he did not know about a drug cartel for which he plays a major rotating pin, for which his role and knowledge thereof is essential? Don't make me laugh. He is now interior minister, minister of defense, prime minister. Both the DEA and interpol are aware of his actions and role. Pay attention folks.

Even Pablo Escobar who had between 30 and 59 Billion US dollars in the bank, the equivalent of 29,500 Trillion de Franc CFA got got.

In April 2013, the US arrested the head of Guinea-Bissau's navy in international waters on drug-trafficking charges. He was receiving commissions of $1 million per ton for facilitating the shipment of illicit drugs into the US and Europe.

In the same year, a US grand jury indicted the head of Guinea-Bissau's armed forces for trafficking cocaine and weapons.

hamed bakayoko is on the lamb for shipments busted in Italy, Serbia and other places. He is sought after by both drug law enforcement and the Columbian cartel.

Aristide bateng
Son Excellence
Son Excellence
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Re: Hamed Bakayoko - Drug Dealer!!!

Message par Aristide bateng » août 06, 20 10:07 am

o yes of courses